Non Chemical Pest Control

Non Chemical Pest Control

Non-toxic pest control methods started coming out after consideration about the environmental and safety impacts of traditional methods. Realistically, you should consider some of these methods first for your pest control issues for a variety of reasons.

The big reason to go non-toxic is safety. Children and pets tend to be naturally curious about their surroundings. The sweet bait that’s left out for the roaches will taste equally sweet to your dog or cat. Leaving out these toxins makes the chance of hurting your pet and worse off your child much higher.

Also consider your personal safety. If you are getting mice out of your pantry, it makes more sense to use something that won’t be toxic to you since it’s around your food and dishes that you eat off of.

Non-toxic or natural methods of controlling pests are also better for the garden. Using harsh chemicals on the same plants and soil you want to eat from isn’t smart. Now these commercial products are tested so that they aren’t going to physically make you sick eating those plants.

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