Prada 2017 spring and summer women’s show

The entire show field is the core of a layer on top of the lower floor of the linear structure, the space is cleverly separated at the same time, but also strengthen the space ratio of each perspective. Between the top of the floor and the floor is used as a straight ramp T station, guests stand along the T stage gallery spread out.

Continuously stretched metal surface is an important element of the show scene set, different shapes and dimensions of the grid woven into a unique abstraction layer, re-transformation of the show space. Layers of transparent material under the stack, exposing the Cartesian precise foundation frame. Light through the weaving, exudes a slight light.

The central axis of the space set by a director David Russell (David O Russell) and the New York Design Studio 2×4 to create a 12-screen movie device. Russell thought of the device as a surreal dream, the projection repeated play combination of changing scenarios. The multi-screen device features the upcoming short film “Past Forward” by Miuccia Prada in collaboration with Russell. Russell is known internationally for films such as The Fighter, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook, all of which are well-known for acting as ” Forward “as a complex experiment in the form of a film that was created for a variety of purposes, including art museum installations, cinema, social media and webcasting.

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