Exploring Chinese-style Innovation

Yahoo reported that Sogou search APP has changed the way people live the magic power, which “photographed shopping” not only provide consumers with the whole network parity of intimate services, but also help consumers achieve “shoot that buy” the dream of shopping is subversive The traditional consumption model of revolutionary products. This is the “wisdom of China” and “wisdom of life” program, Discovery famous host and senior geeks Josh Klein personally experience and search for the audience to search for “photo shopping” function. Users in the TV screen, newspapers, magazines and pedestrians on the road to see their favorite clothes, as long as the camera and upload, you can quickly and accurately find the whole network of the corresponding electronic commerce platform for goods. This feature also provides real-time horizontal parity and 90-day price trend analysis and other services to help users find the most affordable, the highest quality merchandise.

Sogou search using the depth of learning and large data computing capabilities, is the user to solve the vertical field of pain points, to create a more simple and convenient way of life. For example, through Sogou search for “voice coffee” feature, users simply enter a simple voice to order coffee. The system is based on precise speech recognition technology and depth learning to provide users with customized solutions, according to the user’s favorite tastes personalized recommendations. Sogou search, for example, is sharing power for the scarcity of medical resources. In the “wisdom of China” program displayed in the “Chinese phonetic tongue phase” function, it is Sogou search in the wisdom of the medical field of innovation, modern technology and ancient wisdom of combining traditional Chinese medicine, artificial intelligence technology to the Chinese industry with new Vitality and vigor.

Sogou COO Ru-Yun said, “technology is not castle in the air, it complements with life, how to use our existing strengths, to solve people’s lives more real pain points, is a meaningful thing. Will increasingly play the role of intelligent assistants, understand the needs of users, and give personalized content guidance.

Whether it is readily available to buy favorite clothes, or a simple voice to buy coffee in line with their own taste, or upload photos of the tongue to obtain health status diagnostic results, Sogou search is creating the next mobile intelligent life, which will not only in the China, but the demonstration of the world have the seeds of innovation. And, as found by Discovery’s innovative model, Sogou search powerful boost the innovation of China’s influence in the global context.

Google wants to beat Apple and Facebook with Allo

In Google Allo, these advantages are reflected in a few simple but attractive aspects. When you want to send someone a message, Allo can provide intelligent reply. They are similar to the kind of smart replies in your inbox, but they have been carefully tuned for the content and background of your chat. For example, if someone shows you a picture of his skydiving, you can see a series of intelligent replies to choose from: “True Brave”, “Good Fun” and “Too Stirred.”

Perhaps more interesting is that you can now through Allo direct chat with Google, which to use a function called “Google Assistant”. “We were talking to Google a long time ago: you can type a word in the search box, search for an answer, and then you may lose a few more words to get a better answer,” says Scott Allo, vice president of engineering Scott “Explains Scott Huffman.

As Hoffman pointed out, Google in order to make conversation more natural, not hesitate to put a lot of money. So now you do not need to type “weather New York”, but can be complex queries, such as “next Tuesday’s weather so?” Search engine and chat thread is by far the most easy to understand two interfaces, he said. “If you’re just chatting, why do not you create a really user interface (UI) like chatting?”

According to Hoffman, the goal is to make Google a true chat partner – not just in one-on-one conversations. In the Google Allo, if you and your friends talk to dinner, you can enter “@ google”, then Google Assistant will join the chat, recommended near the restaurant. Now it’s not really amazing – there are times when it does not provide what you want, but it’s not hard to imagine that it’s moving toward that goal.

Which represents the future of the advertising industry

You may have a similar experience: When you search the search engine or electric business search bar search found “cast iron pot” after a few days, you open a lot of pages will see the cast iron pot ads, most likely frequent In front of you that you have a single and bought that a; and when you social platform for a car advertising point of praise, after the flow of information in your message is likely to appear in the resort’s ads, rather than more cars advertising.

They have their own algorithms behind them, which is why data is now becoming more important in the advertising industry. Google, Facebook, including China’s BAT, including these technology giants, so that the entire advertising industry into the era of algorithm-driven. The algorithm determines what kind of advertising content you will see, or the product, even though you may not be aware of it.

Google and Facebook are particularly worthy of the reason is that if revenue from the point of view, they are real advertising companies – Alphabet 89% of revenue comes from Google advertising, Facebook almost all revenue from advertising, up 96.9%. Currently the world’s top 10 companies in the market value, they were ranked second and fourth.

And in the mobile advertising market, which is widely regarded as more potential, they account for more than half of the market, according to research firm eMarketer.

They have developed search and social advertising rules of the game. Have a huge user, data-rich, and can do precision marketing, and pay according to the effectiveness of advertising.

Google and disney think twitter is much more expensive than its expected to be

In the 10 years after the end of his birthday six months later, Twitter finally to sell themselves, but as to who will eventually sell, the situation is unclear.

After Google parent Alphabet and Salesforce explicitly contact Twitter, Disney and Microsoft have joined the bidder ranks.

According to Bloomberg September 26, Salesforce is working with Bank of America to develop a bidding program. Bloomberg also quoted sources as saying that Disney is also working with financial advisers for the acquisition of Twitter for valuation.

Twitter is also in accordance with their own situation and the investment bank to communicate, select the future of the parent company. Twitter is very cautious of another reason is that the current bid for several companies business characteristics vary, the future sale, the push will be based on the needs of the parent company is playing into different forms.

For example, if enterprise cloud company Salesforce purchases Twitter, Twitter may shift its focus to customer service communications and mining its push database for business information. If Alphabet eventually bought Twitter, it is likely to Twitter’s social, news of interest. In contrast, Disney is more likely to see Twitter as an extension of its broadcast sports, entertainment programs.

Despite the news that Twitter’s search for buyers has been officially launched, but because of its uncertain earnings prospects and high premium, the future is still uncertain. Recently, the push for multi-bid for the rumors, the market value has been pushed up to more than 16 billion US dollars.

Sincere love and blessings of passion from luxury bags

Winter Snow First Clearing, time as fleeting, mortal after year and over. For everyone, it means the end of thanksgiving, harvest, tenderness, warmth, pleasant children have begun for the family, for the girlfriends, prepare carefully selected for their Christmas and New Year gifts. Thus, Agnona selection of holiday gift love, to offer you my sincere love and blessings of passion.

Burgundy red and green pine Christmas is the most suitable color. Agnona selection of the market’s most precious lambskin gives the bag brilliant color. Simple shape, rational lines, perfectly functional, classic Italian design and exquisite craftsmanship, became prime urban women in the winter of compelling match. Pursue smugglers unique metal buckle details of the achievements, the sophisticated use. Strong colors, warm feel, is the winter of vitality and sparkling vitality.

Fabrics family AGNONA using alpaca from the Andes areas of the historic Italian manual processing technology rare alpaca fabrics. Handmade, black and white wool intertwined, so that each coat has become a unique solitary. 100% alpaca coat, soft like cotton, smooth as silk, thin warm in the cold winter temperatures to give you both the elegance and grace.

Leather goods for opening ceremony

Fossil famous lifestyle brand from the United States to join Opening Ceremony, jointly own creative team to jointly launch a Spring 2016 Capsule exclusive series, including ladies bags, men’s leather goods, watches and small accessories. January 14 Fossil × Opening Ceremony on sale in Shanghai flagship store on Huaihai Road and Beijing Oriental Plaza shop.

Opening Ceremony keen to explore the humanities, which is by nature curious and nostalgic spirit Fossil perfect fit, the two brands will work together to present a series of both functional and fun single product. By the mid-century modern minimalist design inspiration and people to create a “dream house” and collect a variety of souvenirs inspired by such acts. This series, the use of mixed metal and marble in the classic watches; using neutral colors and bright decorations on practical luxury handbags, but also added cute animals or small objects in a wide variety of accessories, Fossil × Opening Ceremony joint series will be new ideas, materials and durability mix and match for the perfect integration.

Integration of a surprise element in the classic style, this series men handbags, small leather goods, both have unique details and rich colors. All package shall have a novel elements, such as: Specific Women’s leather handbag can use double-sided, men shoulder bag can be tightened and very light. Luxury elements include artificial leather, clean lines and minimal suture under custom accessories, these elements are combined with each other, and finally give this series every single product unique texture. Small purses and accessories with hidden details, such as color gusset and plush tail, these details perfectly cater to everyone’s curious personality.

Bvlgari launched spring and summer accessories bag in 2016

Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti series is still the most popular, which is characterized by enamel material smugglers buckle. In this season works, designers with a unique way to make this series unique mosaic smugglers fresh air.

Bulgari Bulgari family to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the launch, Bulgari launched a new dimension to the classic series of works, and the new two-color leather, a more modern “Perspicio” snap highlight fashion brand details.

Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, ice cream and purple color representative of soothing mood. The new series of works full of citrine, red coral, turquoise, tourmaline and white agate and other colors, eye-catching. Gold, silver, copper and other metals and gems competing Zheng-Hui, the perfect match Bulgari jewelry design in precious metals and gems, most vividly.

From the past to the present, on behalf of countless women to become the favorite goddess of Bulgari. Bulgari women have many levels: her strong mature, modern and charming. Whatever the mood and trends change, Bulgari unparalleled quality, representative of traditional Italian craftsmanship, always captivating. Bulgari has a long history, and always with the times, interpretation of the famous style.

Gucci launched a new series of bags Gucci Tian

On spring and summer 2016 fashion show men and women, Gucci (Gucci) Gucci Tian introduced first portrait series of bags. The series presents a new modern floral pattern, inspired by traditional Chinese Paradise sights and 18th century tapestries and screen design.

Gucci Tian series floral patterns in bird fleas as the theme, including dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds. The image of animals and plants use light and lively performance style, and create a three-dimensional perspective.

The new floral print used on GG Supreme material, the use of laser printing, the iconic double G pattern and floral patterns stacked Tian intertwined, showing a very artistic visual effects.

Gucci Tian family includes a full range of men and women, from clothing, handbags, shoes, wallets, key cases, card package, envelope bag, iPhone / iPad case, to silk scarves, shawls and scarves and other accessories.

The best selling time for luxury bags has passed

Just Coach, its main competitor, the same light luxury brand Michael Kors, Kate Spade also in the same boat. Luxury goods companies find themselves increasingly forced to cut prices, and prices may undermine the accumulated years of brand image.

Brand consultancy Millward Brown report shows the top ten major luxury brand’s value include Prada, Gucci and Cartier, including in 14-15 years, the cumulative reduction of about $ 7 billion. And include Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, including light luxury brands face more intense competitive environment.

Coach recently taken diversification strategy and trying to change the brand strategy as the center of the bag, which announced last year the price of $ 574 million acquisition of high-end footwear brand Stuart Weitzman.

Luxury brands are not only setback in the North American market, the world’s largest buyers of luxury goods China has suffered “cold.” China’s economic slowdown, the country to carry out anti-corruption clean movement, a large number of Chinese consumers went abroad, especially in Japan and Europe to buy luxury goods backdrop, sales of luxury goods in the Mainland for two consecutive years of negative growth.

Bain last week released 2015 annual “China’s luxury market research report” shows that sales of luxury goods in the Mainland after the first negative growth since 2014, appeared in eight years in 2015 and fell again decline to expand.

Which country does burberry belong to?

Burberry (Burberry) is a very traditional British-style luxury brand, and its multi-level product line to meet the consumer demand for different age and gender, the adoption of retail, wholesale and licensing and other ways to make it a world-renowned reputation. So Burberry bag is the country’s brand?

In both nostalgia and innovation today, Burberry’s plaid style successfully penetrated into everything from clothing and accessories to all areas of home supplies, experience reputation in recent years is not bad. Burberry is a very easy to cause people romantic reverie of the brand, the reason people like it, not only because of its history of 100 years of classic, iconic plaid, and Rose Marie Bravo said, “haute couture regression magnificent luxury fashion young lost generation real traditional model “from the Burberry.

British veteran BURBERRY LONDON blue label handkerchief, classic style, elegant and timeless. With its classic unique pattern and world-class quality, become fashion school, 100% cotton very delicate texture comfortable and having a wash does not fade, no distortion, maintain luster and other characteristics. And you can use a Pado, can be used as a handkerchief, scarf, scarves, hair ornaments, scarves, etc., can also tie in the bag, in short, it is a very worth having wild single product, filling the elegant qualities!