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Prada 2017 spring and summer women’s show

The entire show field is the core of a layer on top of the lower floor of the linear structure, the space is cleverly separated at the same time, but also strengthen the space ratio of each perspective. Between the top of the floor and the floor is used as a straight ramp T station, guests stand along the T stage gallery spread out.

Continuously stretched metal surface is an important element of the show scene set, different shapes and dimensions of the grid woven into a unique abstraction layer, re-transformation of the show space. Layers of transparent material under the stack, exposing the Cartesian precise foundation frame. Light through the weaving, exudes a slight light.

The central axis of the space set by a director David Russell (David O Russell) and the New York Design Studio 2×4 to create a 12-screen movie device. Russell thought of the device as a surreal dream, the projection repeated play combination of changing scenarios. The multi-screen device features the upcoming short film “Past Forward” by Miuccia Prada in collaboration with Russell. Russell is known internationally for films such as The Fighter, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook, all of which are well-known for acting as ” Forward “as a complex experiment in the form of a film that was created for a variety of purposes, including art museum installations, cinema, social media and webcasting.

Which represents the future of the advertising industry

You may have a similar experience: When you search the search engine or electric business search bar search found “cast iron pot” after a few days, you open a lot of pages will see the cast iron pot ads, most likely frequent In front of you that you have a single and bought that a; and when you social platform for a car advertising point of praise, after the flow of information in your message is likely to appear in the resort’s ads, rather than more cars advertising.

They have their own algorithms behind them, which is why data is now becoming more important in the advertising industry. Google, Facebook, including China’s BAT, including these technology giants, so that the entire advertising industry into the era of algorithm-driven. The algorithm determines what kind of advertising content you will see, or the product, even though you may not be aware of it.

Google and Facebook are particularly worthy of the reason is that if revenue from the point of view, they are real advertising companies – Alphabet 89% of revenue comes from Google advertising, Facebook almost all revenue from advertising, up 96.9%. Currently the world’s top 10 companies in the market value, they were ranked second and fourth.

And in the mobile advertising market, which is widely regarded as more potential, they account for more than half of the market, according to research firm eMarketer.

They have developed search and social advertising rules of the game. Have a huge user, data-rich, and can do precision marketing, and pay according to the effectiveness of advertising.

Luxury bags cleaning should be carefully chosen

Shanghai Royal goldsmith As the industry started earlier, maintenance repair technical luxury award-winning agency has the right to speak in a high repair and maintenance of luxury bags. Royal goldsmith said that in every product repair time, will be based on the specific situation of each member of luxury goods in advance and guest communication and consultation, and then develop a very scientific and reasonable maintenance program, and finally maintenance. And for such a bag lady Ge, because you can not see the specific kind, so for the time being can not provide the actual maintenance program. But on a local maintenance problems to care about Miss Ge, Royal goldsmith representation can be achieved. In general, only in the case of dirty bags, Royal goldsmith will advise guests overall cleaning. And like 8, almost in the bag, get to spend only a portion of the cream so Miss Ge, you can only clean part. But in the end the bag should be cleaned or partial overall cleaning, but also check dirt penetration, if the penetration is more serious, you should all be cleaned, after cleaning might otherwise fall watermark. Royal Goldsmith suggested that after the bag was soiled should immediately repair to ensure that the loss of the bag to a minimum.

Of course, the bag of different materials, concrete repair situation will be slightly different. According to the actual situation of maintenance, follow-up maintenance division royal goldsmith leather bags might also be complementary color processing, use a clean cloth or towel dry water bag, and then filled stereotypes, and finally dry naturally. After repairs, the customer will give guests the Royal goldsmith pictures showing the effect after repair, guests can be satisfied after the payment, the entire maintenance process so far has truly ended.

Royal goldsmith luxury maintenance consultant, said the Royal Goldsmith has so far repaired a lot of jewelry, leather goods, watches and other luxury goods, so far there has never repair guests satisfied with the results, or for the maintenance process shows the case in question.

Royal goldsmith Finally remind you, because luxury has a self-evident precious, special, guests will need to repair or clean luxury bags, you should carefully select more reliable regular luxury maintenance organization, the best You can note several points.

Quality life made by real leather goods

When talking about today’s automotive safety, consumers often consider the first factor seems to be the airbag. Airbag’s inception as a passive safety system developed to protect occupants in the event of danger without a fatal crash accident, but its effectiveness has been questioned. In some very minor car crash, the airbag is too sensitive to open its consequences than the airbag does not turn more serious consequences ,, so that drivers should not have been this hurt. After years of technological improvements, now the airbag itself at least “safe” and more, but still not a panacea. And in many cases, the airbag can not, it “should not” open.

However, including airbags, seat belts, as well as more robust overall car safety equipment in a traffic accident and the idea is to protect the safety of focus. Thus we see that, in order to secure the world’s best known SUV-Jeep4700, configuring a new generation of intelligent dual front airbags plus side airbag system is also applied to three-car feeling and with a sense of complex front, rear seat belts; maximize the protection of the safety of occupants. If the airbag has the effect of consumer imagination, then, and for the benefits or reduce the manufacturers why superfluous increase above the many security features of it!

These are the leather seats as I explained, the leather seats have become a symbol of quality, more and more people chasing it, we can still use our real economic situation to choose, you can dermis the quality is really good seats, including the leather seats in addition to the case of accident or seven or eight years since the loss of foreign ships still not deformed! leather seats airbag nor will it have any harmful effects, you can be assured the airbag is to protect our security so it is still the most important driving skills, I hope my exposition can be helpful to you!