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Rating upgrade of Prada by Macquarie

Recently, Australia’s largest investment bank Macquarie Group published research report will Prada rating increase, 2017 annual profit forecast 3% and 2018 to 30%. It is noteworthy that, although Macquarie improved Prada’s rating, but still predict Prada same-store sales until 2018 to be flat, 2019 will return to positive growth.

Macquarie pointed out that the macroeconomic weakness in the first half of the Prada2017 year sales were formed, but out of the Prada Group product quality, improve operational efficiency and cost control of appreciation, it will rating up.

Macquarie analysis also pointed out that, Prada handbag business accounted for 60% of the core business brand, the current sales performance improved. And in Macquarie Prada investigation found that, Prada part of the handbag style sold to the out of stock, visible handbag products will help Prada sales and earnings growth.

Prada said during the roadshow, the Chinese market sales heat up, Hong Kong market operating efficiency is gradually improved. Prada Asia’s core EBIT margin is highest for EBIT, while China’s region is at the top of the list. And Prada through the improvement of the supply chain and the Group of self-made products increase, the Group’s gross margin improved. At the same time, due to staff turnover, rental adjustment and administrative expenses reasonable control and other factors, the Group cost reduction.

Google and disney think twitter is much more expensive than its expected to be

In the 10 years after the end of his birthday six months later, Twitter finally to sell themselves, but as to who will eventually sell, the situation is unclear.

After Google parent Alphabet and Salesforce explicitly contact Twitter, Disney and Microsoft have joined the bidder ranks.

According to Bloomberg September 26, Salesforce is working with Bank of America to develop a bidding program. Bloomberg also quoted sources as saying that Disney is also working with financial advisers for the acquisition of Twitter for valuation.

Twitter is also in accordance with their own situation and the investment bank to communicate, select the future of the parent company. Twitter is very cautious of another reason is that the current bid for several companies business characteristics vary, the future sale, the push will be based on the needs of the parent company is playing into different forms.

For example, if enterprise cloud company Salesforce purchases Twitter, Twitter may shift its focus to customer service communications and mining its push database for business information. If Alphabet eventually bought Twitter, it is likely to Twitter’s social, news of interest. In contrast, Disney is more likely to see Twitter as an extension of its broadcast sports, entertainment programs.

Despite the news that Twitter’s search for buyers has been officially launched, but because of its uncertain earnings prospects and high premium, the future is still uncertain. Recently, the push for multi-bid for the rumors, the market value has been pushed up to more than 16 billion US dollars.

Which country does burberry belong to?

Burberry (Burberry) is a very traditional British-style luxury brand, and its multi-level product line to meet the consumer demand for different age and gender, the adoption of retail, wholesale and licensing and other ways to make it a world-renowned reputation. So Burberry bag is the country’s brand?

In both nostalgia and innovation today, Burberry’s plaid style successfully penetrated into everything from clothing and accessories to all areas of home supplies, experience reputation in recent years is not bad. Burberry is a very easy to cause people romantic reverie of the brand, the reason people like it, not only because of its history of 100 years of classic, iconic plaid, and Rose Marie Bravo said, “haute couture regression magnificent luxury fashion young lost generation real traditional model “from the Burberry.

British veteran BURBERRY LONDON blue label handkerchief, classic style, elegant and timeless. With its classic unique pattern and world-class quality, become fashion school, 100% cotton very delicate texture comfortable and having a wash does not fade, no distortion, maintain luster and other characteristics. And you can use a Pado, can be used as a handkerchief, scarf, scarves, hair ornaments, scarves, etc., can also tie in the bag, in short, it is a very worth having wild single product, filling the elegant qualities!

Learn from Xiaomi to sell phone cases

Compared to these two products, plus a cell phone as well as a critical product, that is a plus shoulder bag. Although there is no specific market data, but just released this product, when the voice of the market is also good, as on some social media often see people discussing this shoulder bag, and each product will communicate, when, You can always see the good carrying the multimedia explosion models.

So they recently launched a plus limited edition leather shoulder bag, did not change the overall design touches, some of the material they will be replaced on the bag cortex. Although not see the actual product, but the style and still sell well, of course, the price of this shoulder bag has risen to about 699 yuan.

Plus a bit like a general store. You see on their official website, with gold ears, white fungus plus a headset and other accessories, it also opened up a separate category called one plus living, selling bags, leather notebook, leather luggage tags and other products.

Of course, this is no surprise, millet official website mall this trend, and has been a lot of media Tucao. Now reduced to a plus point, it is not short of money? I heard a plus to return to the embrace of OPPO, it seems difficult Mainland mobile phone market, some manufacturers are forced to make concessions, how the future, we will see next year the mainland smartphone market situation.