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Prada combines both eastern and western styles

A cool, surreal space created by the metal structure, and multi-faceted large-screen walls of the “Forward Forward” video directed by director David O. Russell, Embarked on the runway, performing the PRADA 2017 spring and summer women’s series, fashion design elements jumped the Western and Oriental style, eye-catching there are all kinds of flat or thick sandals, decorated with fur, three-dimensional flowers and bright colors, sports A sense of meaning and with the strong.

Series of the initial out of the West, with a different check print, the court style details of the wind out of the European-style mood, and then presents a Japanese kimono, Chinese wind pants exotic atmosphere; color conversion is also clear, from the strong vivid colors Tend to light for the soft light yellow, blue, gray to white, clear-cut.

The contours of the garment as PRADA exclusive elegance, coupled with detailed embroidery patterns, sequins gem stitching and soft feathers stitching, then expose the brand pay attention to the process performance, and exaggerated necklace with the finishing touch. Handbag part with a long belt buckle design of the package-based, multi-color and distinctive patterns of decorative details also highlight the personality style, and hand or shoulder models are prepared, practical and stylish.

Google wants to beat Apple and Facebook with Allo

In Google Allo, these advantages are reflected in a few simple but attractive aspects. When you want to send someone a message, Allo can provide intelligent reply. They are similar to the kind of smart replies in your inbox, but they have been carefully tuned for the content and background of your chat. For example, if someone shows you a picture of his skydiving, you can see a series of intelligent replies to choose from: “True Brave”, “Good Fun” and “Too Stirred.”

Perhaps more interesting is that you can now through Allo direct chat with Google, which to use a function called “Google Assistant”. “We were talking to Google a long time ago: you can type a word in the search box, search for an answer, and then you may lose a few more words to get a better answer,” says Scott Allo, vice president of engineering Scott “Explains Scott Huffman.

As Hoffman pointed out, Google in order to make conversation more natural, not hesitate to put a lot of money. So now you do not need to type “weather New York”, but can be complex queries, such as “next Tuesday’s weather so?” Search engine and chat thread is by far the most easy to understand two interfaces, he said. “If you’re just chatting, why do not you create a really user interface (UI) like chatting?”

According to Hoffman, the goal is to make Google a true chat partner – not just in one-on-one conversations. In the Google Allo, if you and your friends talk to dinner, you can enter “@ google”, then Google Assistant will join the chat, recommended near the restaurant. Now it’s not really amazing – there are times when it does not provide what you want, but it’s not hard to imagine that it’s moving toward that goal.

The best selling time for luxury bags has passed

Just Coach, its main competitor, the same light luxury brand Michael Kors, Kate Spade also in the same boat. Luxury goods companies find themselves increasingly forced to cut prices, and prices may undermine the accumulated years of brand image.

Brand consultancy Millward Brown report shows the top ten major luxury brand’s value include Prada, Gucci and Cartier, including in 14-15 years, the cumulative reduction of about $ 7 billion. And include Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, including light luxury brands face more intense competitive environment.

Coach recently taken diversification strategy and trying to change the brand strategy as the center of the bag, which announced last year the price of $ 574 million acquisition of high-end footwear brand Stuart Weitzman.

Luxury brands are not only setback in the North American market, the world’s largest buyers of luxury goods China has suffered “cold.” China’s economic slowdown, the country to carry out anti-corruption clean movement, a large number of Chinese consumers went abroad, especially in Japan and Europe to buy luxury goods backdrop, sales of luxury goods in the Mainland for two consecutive years of negative growth.

Bain last week released 2015 annual “China’s luxury market research report” shows that sales of luxury goods in the Mainland after the first negative growth since 2014, appeared in eight years in 2015 and fell again decline to expand.

Real leather school bags

Just in junior high school had never been seen, Xiaona academic performance is not ideal, in the state belong to the lower middle class of. Other people’s children are greedy late to get up early to make up classes, but Chu big blind. After buying a house just at home, not only to spend all their savings, but also owed more than twenty thousand dollars in debt. Now for the big Chu, it is really anxious to put pennies. Sork even buy a pair, pair had waited a long time need to accountancy.

Xiaona also know the situation at home, he has not proposed remedial requirements with their parents. But kids do not mind, after all events, at dinner, always naturally referred to this topic, which students say their class, the first class when the school is how many, by making up, to increase the number of the now. In talking about these kids, the big head Jin Zhao Chu always, wholeheartedly Palestinian despair with morsels of food, showing a deaf ear look.

After the children have said several times, Liu Yuhong not stand up. She in bed with the big Chu to discuss that or else let children Bubu it, but this piece is related to the child’s future events, so after falling complain.

When Liu Yuhong first raised, the big Chu stare at her, did not pull the gas well to say that you think that makeup is a good thing? Heartless child to use makeup too! You have to ask those who learn good, who make up? You do not encourage children to learn, actually a bad idea.