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PRADA replaced with colorful flat shoes

Show space showcase multi-frequency film projection device, models such as the actor back and forth as the shuttle interpretation of this fashion show, “the film’s magic and perverse life is exactly the same” director David Russell (David O. Russell) said, symbol The boundaries of life and the film are so vague, to escape the framework of history, to re-create a new era of women coming, connecting different cultures and the era of design inspiration, from the past to the present through continuous review of the times, In the new generation, no gender barriers, no color goods are classified as male or female labels, redefining female roles.

Color, such as red, blue, brown, gray and black, and with navy blue, yellow, orange, green, pink and other bright colors embellishment. In addition, a large number of flowers, geometric modeling stitching and straight stripes is the season’s main print pattern, a perfect echo of the concept of the season.

2017 spring and summer women’s big show by the AMO design team for the PRADA to create a show space, the entire architectural design to create a multi-level structure of the landscape space, show scene are overlapping metal mesh covered, the basic building The architecture delivers a white glow through a metal mesh through a penetrating cladding that is precisely calculated in Cartesian precision. Continuation of the spring and summer men’s big stage effects, visual design to stage the stage perspective clearly visible. Show center in the center of the linear elements for the concept of the extension table and stand space, a platform for the rising platform from the slope directly through the center, when the model into the stage began with the audience rendezvous, and slowly boarded the suspended in the air long The slope of the runway, gradually disappeared at the end of the stage, as if once again into the next mysterious boundless time and space tunnel.

Exploring Chinese-style Innovation

Yahoo reported that Sogou search APP has changed the way people live the magic power, which “photographed shopping” not only provide consumers with the whole network parity of intimate services, but also help consumers achieve “shoot that buy” the dream of shopping is subversive The traditional consumption model of revolutionary products. This is the “wisdom of China” and “wisdom of life” program, Discovery famous host and senior geeks Josh Klein personally experience and search for the audience to search for “photo shopping” function. Users in the TV screen, newspapers, magazines and pedestrians on the road to see their favorite clothes, as long as the camera and upload, you can quickly and accurately find the whole network of the corresponding electronic commerce platform for goods. This feature also provides real-time horizontal parity and 90-day price trend analysis and other services to help users find the most affordable, the highest quality merchandise.

Sogou search using the depth of learning and large data computing capabilities, is the user to solve the vertical field of pain points, to create a more simple and convenient way of life. For example, through Sogou search for “voice coffee” feature, users simply enter a simple voice to order coffee. The system is based on precise speech recognition technology and depth learning to provide users with customized solutions, according to the user’s favorite tastes personalized recommendations. Sogou search, for example, is sharing power for the scarcity of medical resources. In the “wisdom of China” program displayed in the “Chinese phonetic tongue phase” function, it is Sogou search in the wisdom of the medical field of innovation, modern technology and ancient wisdom of combining traditional Chinese medicine, artificial intelligence technology to the Chinese industry with new Vitality and vigor.

Sogou COO Ru-Yun said, “technology is not castle in the air, it complements with life, how to use our existing strengths, to solve people’s lives more real pain points, is a meaningful thing. Will increasingly play the role of intelligent assistants, understand the needs of users, and give personalized content guidance.

Whether it is readily available to buy favorite clothes, or a simple voice to buy coffee in line with their own taste, or upload photos of the tongue to obtain health status diagnostic results, Sogou search is creating the next mobile intelligent life, which will not only in the China, but the demonstration of the world have the seeds of innovation. And, as found by Discovery’s innovative model, Sogou search powerful boost the innovation of China’s influence in the global context.

Gucci launched a new series of bags Gucci Tian

On spring and summer 2016 fashion show men and women, Gucci (Gucci) Gucci Tian introduced first portrait series of bags. The series presents a new modern floral pattern, inspired by traditional Chinese Paradise sights and 18th century tapestries and screen design.

Gucci Tian series floral patterns in bird fleas as the theme, including dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds. The image of animals and plants use light and lively performance style, and create a three-dimensional perspective.

The new floral print used on GG Supreme material, the use of laser printing, the iconic double G pattern and floral patterns stacked Tian intertwined, showing a very artistic visual effects.

Gucci Tian family includes a full range of men and women, from clothing, handbags, shoes, wallets, key cases, card package, envelope bag, iPhone / iPad case, to silk scarves, shawls and scarves and other accessories.

Good ways to maintain real leather accessories

Leather bags are expensive, have a few good Daqian, improper maintenance how bad that’s very sad, please note that four small focus!

If their home environment humidity is high, you can use the dehumidifier moisture agent and put a few in the bag. The best bag before storing for bags to dust, please wipe the special oil on a clean cloth, then wipe evenly throughout the surface of the bag. Please do not be lazy and apply the oil directly on the leather bag yo!

When buying leather bags, gift stores and more will dust bag, so please take advantage of these dust bag, but do not use plastic bags yo! Because the air does not flow inside the plastic bag, put a long time will damage the leather is too dry. In addition, Cypriot newspapers ball to prevent deformation in the bag.

Suppose bag stained with dirt, you can dip some toothpaste with special oils to gently wipe the cloth, please do not order fast and excessive force. Hit the water, then also with a soft cloth, and let the bag dry naturally, do not blow directly to the bag with a hair dryer!