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Prada needs two years to escape the negative growth

Macquarie published research report Prada Prada (01913.HK) rating from underperform rose to outperform that the first half of 2017 sales performance is still affected by the macroeconomic impact, and geopolitical risk increases, but the company’s product quality , Operating efficiency and cost control to improve, 2017 annual profit forecast 3%, 2018 30%, target price from 18 yuan to 33 yuan.

The bank pointed out that its handbag business accounted for 60% of Prada core brand, the current sales are improving; Miu Miu footwear sales are also signs of growth. Analysts said the survey found that part of the handbag style Prada only goods in October, I believe is a strong positive information, handbags will help drive sales and earnings growth is expected same-store sales will be flat in 2018, while the first half of 2019 Return to positive growth.

The bank also pointed out that the Prada management in the roadshow, stressed the performance of the Chinese market improved, the Hong Kong market operating efficiency is also improving, Asia EBIT core profit margins are still the highest, and China is the highest. The company has improved its gross margin as a result of improved supply chain and increased self-manufactured products. At the same time, the cost is also reduced through staff turnover, rental adjustments and better administrative expenditure controls. Operating profit is expected to bottom out at 12% in the second half of 2017, then to 15% and 17% in the next two years respectively. Close to 16% of the luxury industry, but still lower than the average of 22% over the past five years.

The advantages of sogou search engine

In many young people social interaction, the expression has become a close to the most “tide” of communication and expression. When the “red envelope”, “Liao Mei”, “than the tragic” these weekday groups frequently appear in the fighting theme, become an open young people will be an interactive dating event is a scenario? Sogou search and a guest planet recently played on the big hole in the live broadcast, 100 young people to “stop in the end” in the form of a fighting game, 2 hours by Sogou expression search function issued thousands of Expression, attracting more than 100 million people online to watch, as another new product + pan technology entertainment content + Reds live successful attempt.

This product based on a powerful search engine technology platform, enter the keyword direct search, allowing users to quickly and easily search the expression and sent to the chat software. In addition to search for the expression you want, based on the entire network of large data, Sogou expression search can also recommend the hottest theme expression package, so you a second to understand the most popular expression package and scripts. Different from other search platforms to enter text, search, download, import the expression of the process, the user simply search the search dog APP can directly search the expression, you can send a key to the social platform, very efficient and convenient.

It is reported that Sogou not only want the user to find the most wanted expression, but also allow users to express the full expression of the process of personality, this feature on the line so many do not like to express the feelings of users have become the expression package of people. During the Olympic Games, Sogou expression search on the line of the Olympic expression theme, and quickly released the “Fu Yuanhui love”, “Do not be too Houghton” and other facial expressions package, popular users favorite.

Bvlgari launched spring and summer accessories bag in 2016

Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti series is still the most popular, which is characterized by enamel material smugglers buckle. In this season works, designers with a unique way to make this series unique mosaic smugglers fresh air.

Bulgari Bulgari family to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the launch, Bulgari launched a new dimension to the classic series of works, and the new two-color leather, a more modern “Perspicio” snap highlight fashion brand details.

Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, ice cream and purple color representative of soothing mood. The new series of works full of citrine, red coral, turquoise, tourmaline and white agate and other colors, eye-catching. Gold, silver, copper and other metals and gems competing Zheng-Hui, the perfect match Bulgari jewelry design in precious metals and gems, most vividly.

From the past to the present, on behalf of countless women to become the favorite goddess of Bulgari. Bulgari women have many levels: her strong mature, modern and charming. Whatever the mood and trends change, Bulgari unparalleled quality, representative of traditional Italian craftsmanship, always captivating. Bulgari has a long history, and always with the times, interpretation of the famous style.

Knowledge about the maintenance of leather goods

Since the main component of cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin is protein, so they are prone to damp, from the mold, vermin. For this reason, the use of leather bags, to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. Leather bags leather care professionals should be regularly sent to the store for thorough cleansing and disinfection. In the use of specialized equipment and processes in the cleaning process, is added to the mold, sterilization for pharmaceutical, all kinds of bacteria, mold completely removed, to avoid mildew phenomenon fundamentally. Keep after thorough cleansing, which is to maintain its original appearance, extend wear life has an important role.

Best leather bags often use, and common fine flannel wipe. If you encounter rain and damp or mildew, use a soft dry cloth to remove water stains or mildew. Not water and gasoline rubbed, because water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and dry. Handbags without any water treatment process, wet bags, please wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid leaving any stain or watermark surface wrinkles. If the rain, should pay special attention.

Leather, leather goods to dry in the collection before it, not exposure, hanging in the air can dry shade and understanding. In order to maintain the beautiful color leather bag over a longer period of time, the collection before coated with milk or glycerol in the skin surface, so that we can long-term storage without color. Avoid exposure, broiled, washed, sharp object impact and exposure to chemical solvents.