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Prada has improved its sales in the Chinese market

Macquarie published research report will luxury brand Prada Prada rating from underperform rose to outperform that the first half of 2017 sales performance is still affected by the macroeconomic impact, and geopolitical risk increases, but the company’s product quality, operational efficiency And cost control to improve the 2017 annual profit forecast 3%, 2018 30%, the target price from 18 yuan to 33 yuan.

The bank pointed out that its handbag business accounted for 60% of Prada core brand, the current sales are improving; Miu Miu footwear sales are also signs of growth. Analysts said the survey found that part of the handbag style Prada only goods in October, I believe is a strong positive information, handbags will help drive sales and earnings growth is expected same-store sales will be flat in 2018, while the first half of 2019 Return to positive growth.

The bank also pointed out that the Prada management in the roadshow, stressed the performance of the Chinese market improved, the Hong Kong market operating efficiency is also improving, Asia EBIT core profit margins are still the highest, and China is the highest. The company has improved its gross margin as a result of improved supply chain and increased self-manufactured products. At the same time, the cost is also reduced through staff turnover, rental adjustments and better administrative expenditure controls. Operating profit is expected to bottom out at 12% in the second half of 2017, then to 15% and 17% in the next two years respectively. Close to 16% of the luxury industry, but still lower than the average of 22% over the past five years.

The first accident made by google automatic car

An unmanned prototype car from Google collided with a commercial truck in Mountain View. Witnesses revealed that a traffic accident occurred when a commercial truck crashed into the side of the Google unmanned Lexus (Lexus) prototype. Car accident scene photos show that Lexus car on the right side of the door was damaged, one or two windows damaged, airbags have been opened. Fortunately, the accident did not cause personal injury.

Google said that when the accident occurred, a commercial truck along the mountain city of El Camino Avenue (El Camino) to the west, when the red light did not stop, then hit a Google unmanned Drive on the right side of the car. At that time, Google vehicles along the Phyllis Avenue (Phyllis Ave) traveling north, “We are driving the direction of the traffic lights are green, and in our car into the intersection before the green light has been at least 6 seconds time.” Google one The spokesman said.

At present, the United States Vehicle Administration (DMV) accident investigation report has not yet released, so all the details have not yet been confirmed.

It is reported that this is not Google unmanned vehicle the first traffic accident occurred, Google unmanned vehicle in the monthly report of the project disclosed too many minor accidents. Earlier this year, a self-propelled Lexus SUV hit a low-speed side of the bus. This is considered the first unmanned car Google responsibility accident.

Leather goods for opening ceremony

Fossil famous lifestyle brand from the United States to join Opening Ceremony, jointly own creative team to jointly launch a Spring 2016 Capsule exclusive series, including ladies bags, men’s leather goods, watches and small accessories. January 14 Fossil × Opening Ceremony on sale in Shanghai flagship store on Huaihai Road and Beijing Oriental Plaza shop.

Opening Ceremony keen to explore the humanities, which is by nature curious and nostalgic spirit Fossil perfect fit, the two brands will work together to present a series of both functional and fun single product. By the mid-century modern minimalist design inspiration and people to create a “dream house” and collect a variety of souvenirs inspired by such acts. This series, the use of mixed metal and marble in the classic watches; using neutral colors and bright decorations on practical luxury handbags, but also added cute animals or small objects in a wide variety of accessories, Fossil × Opening Ceremony joint series will be new ideas, materials and durability mix and match for the perfect integration.

Integration of a surprise element in the classic style, this series men handbags, small leather goods, both have unique details and rich colors. All package shall have a novel elements, such as: Specific Women’s leather handbag can use double-sided, men shoulder bag can be tightened and very light. Luxury elements include artificial leather, clean lines and minimal suture under custom accessories, these elements are combined with each other, and finally give this series every single product unique texture. Small purses and accessories with hidden details, such as color gusset and plush tail, these details perfectly cater to everyone’s curious personality.

Where should we maintain luxury designer bags?

Last November, she more than 8,000 Hong Kong dollars to the price of a purchase designer handbags from Hong Kong, after 5 months, was found at the bottom of the bag contaminated grease. How can she love package maintenance headache. “Buy the package, said the teller counter in any domestic cleaning and maintenance, think about an expensive package, service should be top.” Miss Liu said that as a result, the counter attendant said, “We just sell, no supporting cleaning services. ” To this end, she specifically asked a friend to Shanghai, find the brand counters, but got the same answer, “just to sell, regardless of the cleaning.”

Helpless, Miss Liu had to search online cleaning methods purses and handbags online buy special maintenance care agent solution and prepare yourself cleaning, exhausted all methods, stains on the bag not only clean, but because wash yourself properly, causing skin purses worn. “Expensive bag, it took less than six months, can not be used, it is also a pity.” Miss Liu said.

Recently, listening to friends say, 96,811 professional leather maintenance, care, after Miss Liu got the news, immediately called the appointment call, “thinking about 96811 more comfortable and secure, a booking service wanted to try.”

96811 leather maintenance Master Jiang, such as about the door, looked after Miss Yu bag, retrieve store maintenance. Yesterday, after a good wash Leather Miss Liu returned to the hands, the hands of the beloved bag back, Miss Liu look inside and out, carefully inspect every corner of the bag. “Like-new, 96,811 leather care really professional.” Miss Yu said with satisfaction.