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Prada’s share price is not luxury

Through the Monster dress a breath, we can see the Prada product line: leather goods, clothing and footwear, in addition, Prada also provides glasses and perfume through the franchise agreement, and cooperation with LG to provide Prada phone.

As its code shows, Prada’s history can be traced back to 1913. With a unique product design, superior materials and superb technology, Prada became a European aristocratic class shopping destination. In 1919, Prada became the Italian Royal Queen of suppliers.

However, in its second-generation designer MiucciaPrada took over, Prada is still only spread in Europe, small brands, and has exposed the old stance. Miuccia aware of the Prada to go further, we must find a “traditional and modern integration” of the new road. In 1977 Miuccia seeking change met Patrizio Bertelli, the two fell in love at first sight, a lifelong companion.

This pair of interesting friends, Miuccia intuitive keen, has a unique sense of fashion sense, and Patrizio logical thinking clear, with a wealth of luxury brand management experience. The combination of the two is almost heaven-made set of strong complementary. When the two men took over Prada in 1978, Miuccia fashion inspiration and Patrizio’s ability to manage the work, given the Prada new development elements and vitality.

Miuccia is a doctorate in political science, when she took over the family industry, it is difficult to imagine the future of her fashion will have such a profound impact. From Miuccia took over the Prada, Prada has always insisted only the most exquisite and classic products. The doctorate of political science is extremely talented, always able to explore the fabric and style of innovation to the extreme, the experimental works of great but never lose the classic elegance, but also because of this, Prada from the 80’s, has been leading the fashion trend.

Google aides will offer help for your conversation

Allo can also understand the picture. Give it a photo of the dog, it can determine its variety and provide other information, such as the average life expectancy. Capturing the cover of a book, it will pop up a message box, including the book in the average evaluation of GoodReads.

In order to lift the wave of search engine, Google next year will be launched later this year Google Home – this is a imitation of the Amazon Echo networking speaker. With this device you can chat with Google assistants across the room, just as you interact with Alexa through Amazon’s virtual assistant, Echo.

In addition, the assistant is likely to join the Google mobile device search applications, and integrated into more than one billion mobile phone or tablet used in the Andrew system.

Google also said it will allow other companies to integrate the software into the assistant, which makes it possible to complete such as through the gambling or hotel reservations such work. A job hint suggests that Google wants to work with other companies to promote Google aides. This may mean that manufacturers will Google Assistant implanted in their own products, such as home audio or other small appliances, just like Amazon’s Alexa marketing strategy. Google is still hiring writers to improve the Google assistant text content, make it more personality.

If these are successful, Google Assistant will break Google’s business model. If you use Google search for personal injury lawyers, there will be a number of ads appear in the search results at the top. While the Google assistant said, “I find a personal injury lawyer,” will pop up a string of local numbers and a map.

Embedding ads in the Google aides’ replies can disrupt the feeling of the conversation. It’s also hard to add ads to Google Home’s voice replies. Before I asked Google’s search leader this summer, he said the company planned to think about how to make a profit before the Google aides became widely available, rather than before.

However, it is imperative that Google can prove that Google Assistant can continue to promote – its predecessors Siri and Alexa did not do. Like them, Google assistants often do not understand what you are asking and disappointing. Google gave the New York Times five days to test before publishing Allo, while the New York Times complained that Google aides were “nasty interns.”

Sincere love and blessings of passion from luxury bags

Winter Snow First Clearing, time as fleeting, mortal after year and over. For everyone, it means the end of thanksgiving, harvest, tenderness, warmth, pleasant children have begun for the family, for the girlfriends, prepare carefully selected for their Christmas and New Year gifts. Thus, Agnona selection of holiday gift love, to offer you my sincere love and blessings of passion.

Burgundy red and green pine Christmas is the most suitable color. Agnona selection of the market’s most precious lambskin gives the bag brilliant color. Simple shape, rational lines, perfectly functional, classic Italian design and exquisite craftsmanship, became prime urban women in the winter of compelling match. Pursue smugglers unique metal buckle details of the achievements, the sophisticated use. Strong colors, warm feel, is the winter of vitality and sparkling vitality.

Fabrics family AGNONA using alpaca from the Andes areas of the historic Italian manual processing technology rare alpaca fabrics. Handmade, black and white wool intertwined, so that each coat has become a unique solitary. 100% alpaca coat, soft like cotton, smooth as silk, thin warm in the cold winter temperatures to give you both the elegance and grace.

How to correctly understand nylon bag

Compared with leather and canvas bags, nylon bags with more and more vivid colors, to meet the more fashionable female “lust” aesthetic. The finest nylon fabric that feels soft and smooth, silky surface Yingying, even more than the price of leather. So, for those women at the forefront of fashion, new things are a bold attempt, nylon bags are popular among them.

Inside the woman’s bag filled with loneliness is not absolute, but the woman’s entire world, umbrellas, mirror, wallet, keys, hand cream, cell phones …… anyway, no matter when and where, can guarantee to dress Mimi of. So the question is, so many things, it is not heavy? The answer is yes, you have more than a pound a leather bag, the package does not say that the baby inside. More and more women in order not to become “muscle Lolita”, they began to select a nylon bag, because it can at least reduce weight.

Nylon fabric soft and light, easy sewing and cutting, fabric and other materials easier to mix and stitching. Especially with nylon and leather snake between more is the best partner that brings together fashion and individuality in one. Nylon fabric seems low-key easy-going, easy to get close, but it appears that snake leather wild personality. For women, not so much is amazing, is not that a hundred faces, because the heart of the eternal female beauty, fashion and style requires exhaustive.