PRADA replaced with colorful flat shoes

Show space showcase multi-frequency film projection device, models such as the actor back and forth as the shuttle interpretation of this fashion show, “the film’s magic and perverse life is exactly the same” director David Russell (David O. Russell) said, symbol The boundaries of life and the film are so vague, to escape the framework of history, to re-create a new era of women coming, connecting different cultures and the era of design inspiration, from the past to the present through continuous review of the times, In the new generation, no gender barriers, no color goods are classified as male or female labels, redefining female roles.

Color, such as red, blue, brown, gray and black, and with navy blue, yellow, orange, green, pink and other bright colors embellishment. In addition, a large number of flowers, geometric modeling stitching and straight stripes is the season’s main print pattern, a perfect echo of the concept of the season.

2017 spring and summer women’s big show by the AMO design team for the PRADA to create a show space, the entire architectural design to create a multi-level structure of the landscape space, show scene are overlapping metal mesh covered, the basic building The architecture delivers a white glow through a metal mesh through a penetrating cladding that is precisely calculated in Cartesian precision. Continuation of the spring and summer men’s big stage effects, visual design to stage the stage perspective clearly visible. Show center in the center of the linear elements for the concept of the extension table and stand space, a platform for the rising platform from the slope directly through the center, when the model into the stage began with the audience rendezvous, and slowly boarded the suspended in the air long The slope of the runway, gradually disappeared at the end of the stage, as if once again into the next mysterious boundless time and space tunnel.

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