The advantages of sogou search engine

In many young people social interaction, the expression has become a close to the most “tide” of communication and expression. When the “red envelope”, “Liao Mei”, “than the tragic” these weekday groups frequently appear in the fighting theme, become an open young people will be an interactive dating event is a scenario? Sogou search and a guest planet recently played on the big hole in the live broadcast, 100 young people to “stop in the end” in the form of a fighting game, 2 hours by Sogou expression search function issued thousands of Expression, attracting more than 100 million people online to watch, as another new product + pan technology entertainment content + Reds live successful attempt.

This product based on a powerful search engine technology platform, enter the keyword direct search, allowing users to quickly and easily search the expression and sent to the chat software. In addition to search for the expression you want, based on the entire network of large data, Sogou expression search can also recommend the hottest theme expression package, so you a second to understand the most popular expression package and scripts. Different from other search platforms to enter text, search, download, import the expression of the process, the user simply search the search dog APP can directly search the expression, you can send a key to the social platform, very efficient and convenient.

It is reported that Sogou not only want the user to find the most wanted expression, but also allow users to express the full expression of the process of personality, this feature on the line so many do not like to express the feelings of users have become the expression package of people. During the Olympic Games, Sogou expression search on the line of the Olympic expression theme, and quickly released the “Fu Yuanhui love”, “Do not be too Houghton” and other facial expressions package, popular users favorite.

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