The first accident made by google automatic car

An unmanned prototype car from Google collided with a commercial truck in Mountain View. Witnesses revealed that a traffic accident occurred when a commercial truck crashed into the side of the Google unmanned Lexus (Lexus) prototype. Car accident scene photos show that Lexus car on the right side of the door was damaged, one or two windows damaged, airbags have been opened. Fortunately, the accident did not cause personal injury.

Google said that when the accident occurred, a commercial truck along the mountain city of El Camino Avenue (El Camino) to the west, when the red light did not stop, then hit a Google unmanned Drive on the right side of the car. At that time, Google vehicles along the Phyllis Avenue (Phyllis Ave) traveling north, “We are driving the direction of the traffic lights are green, and in our car into the intersection before the green light has been at least 6 seconds time.” Google one The spokesman said.

At present, the United States Vehicle Administration (DMV) accident investigation report has not yet released, so all the details have not yet been confirmed.

It is reported that this is not Google unmanned vehicle the first traffic accident occurred, Google unmanned vehicle in the monthly report of the project disclosed too many minor accidents. Earlier this year, a self-propelled Lexus SUV hit a low-speed side of the bus. This is considered the first unmanned car Google responsibility accident.

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