Google aides will offer help for your conversation

Allo can also understand the picture. Give it a photo of the dog, it can determine its variety and provide other information, such as the average life expectancy. Capturing the cover of a book, it will pop up a message box, including the book in the average evaluation of GoodReads.

In order to lift the wave of search engine, Google next year will be launched later this year Google Home – this is a imitation of the Amazon Echo networking speaker. With this device you can chat with Google assistants across the room, just as you interact with Alexa through Amazon’s virtual assistant, Echo.

In addition, the assistant is likely to join the Google mobile device search applications, and integrated into more than one billion mobile phone or tablet used in the Andrew system.

Google also said it will allow other companies to integrate the software into the assistant, which makes it possible to complete such as through the gambling or hotel reservations such work. A job hint suggests that Google wants to work with other companies to promote Google aides. This may mean that manufacturers will Google Assistant implanted in their own products, such as home audio or other small appliances, just like Amazon’s Alexa marketing strategy. Google is still hiring writers to improve the Google assistant text content, make it more personality.

If these are successful, Google Assistant will break Google’s business model. If you use Google search for personal injury lawyers, there will be a number of ads appear in the search results at the top. While the Google assistant said, “I find a personal injury lawyer,” will pop up a string of local numbers and a map.

Embedding ads in the Google aides’ replies can disrupt the feeling of the conversation. It’s also hard to add ads to Google Home’s voice replies. Before I asked Google’s search leader this summer, he said the company planned to think about how to make a profit before the Google aides became widely available, rather than before.

However, it is imperative that Google can prove that Google Assistant can continue to promote – its predecessors Siri and Alexa did not do. Like them, Google assistants often do not understand what you are asking and disappointing. Google gave the New York Times five days to test before publishing Allo, while the New York Times complained that Google aides were “nasty interns.”

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