Prada’s share price is not luxury

Through the Monster dress a breath, we can see the Prada product line: leather goods, clothing and footwear, in addition, Prada also provides glasses and perfume through the franchise agreement, and cooperation with LG to provide Prada phone.

As its code shows, Prada’s history can be traced back to 1913. With a unique product design, superior materials and superb technology, Prada became a European aristocratic class shopping destination. In 1919, Prada became the Italian Royal Queen of suppliers.

However, in its second-generation designer MiucciaPrada took over, Prada is still only spread in Europe, small brands, and has exposed the old stance. Miuccia aware of the Prada to go further, we must find a “traditional and modern integration” of the new road. In 1977 Miuccia seeking change met Patrizio Bertelli, the two fell in love at first sight, a lifelong companion.

This pair of interesting friends, Miuccia intuitive keen, has a unique sense of fashion sense, and Patrizio logical thinking clear, with a wealth of luxury brand management experience. The combination of the two is almost heaven-made set of strong complementary. When the two men took over Prada in 1978, Miuccia fashion inspiration and Patrizio’s ability to manage the work, given the Prada new development elements and vitality.

Miuccia is a doctorate in political science, when she took over the family industry, it is difficult to imagine the future of her fashion will have such a profound impact. From Miuccia took over the Prada, Prada has always insisted only the most exquisite and classic products. The doctorate of political science is extremely talented, always able to explore the fabric and style of innovation to the extreme, the experimental works of great but never lose the classic elegance, but also because of this, Prada from the 80’s, has been leading the fashion trend.

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